Adobe Mountain School
2800 West Pinnacle Peak Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
Telephone: (623) 869-9050
Fax: (623) 516-9725


The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections operates and maintains one secure care juvenile corrections facility, Adobe Mountain School (AMS), for the custody, treatment, and education of committed youth. Each youth placed in AMS receives rehabilitative services appropriate to the youth’s age, risk, needs, abilities, and committing offenses. This includes education, individual and group counseling, psychological services, health care, and recreation. In addition, specialized housing units focus on youth with histories of substance dependence, mental health, and sexual offenses.

In addition, the Agency employs and contracts with health care professionals who manage and deliver direct services, including medical health, dental and psychiatric services to committed youth. Our secure care facility employs full-time medical staff that facilitates the provision of primary care medical services seven days a week.

To find out more detailed information about the ADJC secure care facility and programs please view the ADJC Family Handbook.