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The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) is responsible for youth adjudicated delinquent and committed to its jurisdiction by the county juvenile courts. The department is committed to providing information and assistance to the families of these youth and are dedicated to every youth's success.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):
The Parent Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document is designed to provide an overview of a juvenile's length of stay guidelines, as defined by the State of Arizona and the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

Family Handbook:
The Family Handbook is offered in both English and Spanish and will help answer the questions you may have concerning your child's stay with ADJC.

Youth Handbook:
The Youth Handbook is offered in both English and Spanish and is provided to your child during orientation to assist them during their commitment with ADJC.

Help For Your Child:
Help For Your Child includes a list of resources offered to families by each of the Arizona counties.

Juvenile Justice Flow Chart:
The Juvenile Justice Flow Chart delivers a chart of events that may occur through your child's adjudication process.

Tribal Liaison:
ADJC values its partnerships with Tribal Nations, and is committed to working together with tribes to create rehabilitation, treatment and educational opportunities for tribal youth to enable them to lead productive lives.

Victims' Rights Office:
The ADJC Office of Victims' Rights assists the victims of juvenile offenders who are committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections with the specific rights that are protected by state statute.