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A.R.S. §8-363 charges ADJC with the oversight and administration of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles in the state of Arizona. The compact is an agreement between member states and U.S. territories for the supervision of adjudicated youth requiring placement/relocation to another state and provides the means to safely and legally return youth who have run away and/or have fled to avoid prosecution.

Interstate Compact has the primary responsibility for promoting public safety, ensuring the welfare of juveniles, and protecting victims within the various states through control and regulation of the interstate movement of juveniles. Compacting states are required to provide the same level of care and supervision for ICJ youth as it provides to their own youth. In Arizona those standards mean youth from other states are provided excellent supervision. Arizona "imports" a far greater number of probation and parole cases than it "exports". Case management of these youth are in conjunction with the supervision requirements from the state(s) of origin (sending state). In addition to adjudicated juveniles, the office provides for the safe return of youth who have runaway and/or have fled to avoid prosecution.

The original Compact was signed in 1955 and has over the years become outdated. A new Compact looms on the immediate horizon which will add more effective management and juvenile accountability. The new compact structure will also provide for greater flexibility for states to share and develop resources for youth needing Compact services..