The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) is also responsible for the development and provision of a continuum of services for juvenile offenders that include: family services, treatment, education, workforce development and restitution. The Mission of ADJC is to enhance public protection by changing the delinquent thinking and behaviors of juvenile offenders committed to the Agency.

All interns are supervised by a staff member and the student must receive school credit for work performed. The duration for an internship with ADJC may be one semester, a summer or an agreed-upon length of time between the student, ADJC and school. All internships are unpaid. An internship with ADJC will introduce a student to the Arizona juvenile correctional system and in general will learn about the juvenile justice system in Arizona. The internship with ADJC is based on five over arching premises:
  1. Provide meaningful work experience for the student and give the student structured learning experiences where they apply knowledge gained in the classroom;
  2. Guide students’ educational development through mentoring;
  3. Strengthen school relationships;
  4. Treat interns as valuable members of our agency; and
  5. Create a pool of experienced candidates for permanent job openings.
The ADJC internship program is a partnership between the school, student and our agency, with each role being inter-dependently important for overall success.

Where You Can Intern?

Requests for an internship with ADJC can be made in the following departments: community corrections/parole, secure juvenile facilities, clinical psychology (students must be in a graduate behavioral health program), education, health services, religious services, victim rights and in our legal department. Please keep in mind that all intern positions are not always offered all the time and a request for an internship is not guaranteed; however, it is our goal to consider all applicants and to make sure that all potential interns are a good match for our agency.

Why You Should Apply?

ADJC has approximately 1,000 youth committed to our care. We are committed to safer communities in Arizona through successful youth that have been through our system. We are an Agency committed to working with each and every youth and their families to assist them in making positive choices and becoming productive members of our society. There is no doubt that all staff, interns and volunteers are making a difference, one youth at a time, to help each youth turn their lives around for the better. If you are interested in a career in juvenile corrections, clinical psychology, social work, social science research, justice studies, then consider ADJC as a place to explore those possibilities.

General Guidelines

The following requirements are needed to pursue an internship with the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections:
  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Must have completed and cleared a formal background check, including fingerprinting, before beginning an internship or interacting with ADJC youth on a regular and direct basis.
  • All cleared Interns must attend orientation and training prior to entering the secure care facility.
  • Interns will respect the function of department staff and contribute fully to maintaining a professional relationship between staff and Interns.
  • Interns will carry out assignments in a professional manner and will seek the assistance of the coordinator or immediate supervisor when necessary.
  • Interns will respect and accept the departmentís right to dismiss any intern for such reasons as poor performance, poor attendance, unwillingness to accept direction, etc.
  • Appropriate dress attire is required.
  • Additional security issues will be discussed in training.
How To Apply

The following documents are required to pursue an internship with the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections:
  • Intern Application and Letter of Interest - Please submit your application and letter of interest to Don De Valle, ADJC Intern Coordinator. Once your documents have been submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted by Mr. De Valle to complete a Background Questionnaire and schedule an initial interview.
Upon completion of the intern application, background clearance and initial interview, an on-site supervisor will be identified and a final interview will be scheduled. If selected, you will undergo a drug test and mandatory training prior to your assignment.