The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) provides chaplaincy programs which offer the opportunity to nurture spiritual growth and development. The pastoral activity program of the ADJC consists of a chaplain and many volunteers who provide and coordinate religious services for the different religions routinely represented in the youth population. While religious services are coordinated by the chaplain, these services are presented by both chaplain and the religious volunteers. In addition, other community groups and individuals assist with special services and seminars scheduled periodically at each secure care facility.

Providing juvenile offenders the opportunity to examine their behavior in the light of the teachings of their religious traditions assists in holding them accountable for their actions and presents them with hope for a change to more appropriate behavior and positive personal outcomes. Religious services ensures that juvenile offenders are provided access to religious activities, religious materials, religious diets, and other legitimate requirements of their faith. Regularly scheduled worship/study opportunities are provided for the religions represented in our population based upon requests, and available time and space for services. Participation in religious programs is strictly voluntary. No juvenile shall be coerced to participate in religious programs, nor shall any effort be made to coerce any youth to adopt or change religious affiliation or beliefs.

For more information regarding ADJC's religious services or volunteer opportunities, please contact Rosemary Martin at ADJC Institutional Chaplain.


The ADJC Religious Services Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders from religious communities around Arizona. The committee meets quarterly to evaluate religious programming and policies, to ensure and protect the religious rights of all committed youth and to make appropriate recommendations to the Director of ADJC.

The Religious Services Advisory Committee:
  • values the religious rights of all youth committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.
  • values quality, excellence and timely religious services for all youth committed to ADJC.
  • values and respect all faiths and their right to minister to youth committed to ADJC.
  • values our responsibility to be a positive influence of hope and encouragement for youth, staff, volunteers and the Department.
  • values the importance of outreach to promote community involvement and the preservation of family values.
  • values and support the Director and the Department of Juvenile Corrections in their Mission and Values.
Membership Affiliation
  • Christian Outreach, Pastor
  • Full Gospel Baptist, Bishop
  • Jewish (Chabad Lubavitch), Rabbi
  • Non-denominational, Neighborhood Ministries Coordinator
  • Non-denominational, Volunteer Ministers
  • Roman Catholic, Communion Services Volunteer
  • Roman Catholic, Coordinator for Incarcerated Youth