The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) Volunteer Program is an integral part of the continuum of care for our youth. Both volunteer and youth can benefit from care, mentoring, and contributing to positive experiences. ADJC offers a variety of programs for those interested in becoming an ADJC Volunteer. Some of the most popular programs include:

One-on-One Mentoring - One-on-one mentoring volunteers mentor youth without families or youth with families that for various reasons are unable to visit. Visitation is one-on-on as a "special friend" for the youth. Visits usually occur once per week at the institution and are supervised by institutional staff in an assigned area.

Special Interest Groups - Special interest group volunteers provide youth with regularly scheduled interactions with established and recognized groups and organizations that represent community involvement, such as Boy / Girl Scouts.

Adopt a Cottage - Adopt a cottage volunteers interact with youth in a particular housing unit by providing productive leisure activities, recognizing birthdays and special holidays. Volunteers befriend youth and provide them with guidance in selecting alternative ways of behaving in society. Volunteers work and share with youth in a group setting supervised by staff.

Education Tutor - Education tutor volunteer tutors work with institutionalized youth in a variety of subject matter areas, particularly reading, writing and comprehensive skills. Volunteers enhance the regular school progress and may work with youth on individual or group basis. Volunteers are required to have a background in teaching or tutoring in a specific subject matter area. All volunteers are supervised by education staff.

Religious Volunteer - Religious volunteers assist in providing youth with religious visits between an accredited minister or a religious leader. Religious activity and counseling is provided for all faiths as well as group services, meetings, study groups, and other group gatherings or activities for appropriate religious purposes. Individuals must be accredited through their faith judicatory and approved and supervised by a Department of Juvenile Corrections Chaplain.

General Guidelines

The following requirements are needed to become a volunteer with the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections:
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must have completed a formal background check, including fingerprinting, before interacting with any youth on a regular and direct basis.
  • All cleared volunteers must attend orientation and training prior to entering a secure facility to volunteer.
  • Volunteers will respect the function of department staff and contribute fully to maintaining a smooth relationship between staff and volunteers.
  • Volunteers will carry out assignments in good spirit and will seek the assistance of the coordinators or immediate supervisor when necessary.
  • Volunteers will respect and accept the department's right to dismiss any volunteer for such reasons as poor performance, poor attendance, unwillingness to accept direction, etc.
  • Appropriate dress attire is required.
  • Additional security issues will be discussed in training.
For additional information regarding our Volunteer Program, please contact Valeria Vega at ADJC Volunteer Coordinator